If you want a handyman who will come rain or shine Andy Hopkins is the man for you! He's great at many things: from organizing garages for those who don't want to, moving boxes and furniture for school teachers, chopping and splitting wood, trimming bushes, to keypad entry for databases. I gave him all my little slips of paper with peoples' names, addresses, and phone numbers and he quickly entered them in Microsoft Access so I could actually contact the people. Whenever I need something that requires physical labor I also call him. He redid a whole rock garden for me that had become overgrown with weeds. If you're not sure whom to call for your project, snow shoveling, or whatever you think of, call Handy Andy Solutions make sure to keep Andy's number handy.

Marsha of Lakewood, Colorado
We have used Andy Hopkins as our handyman for ten years. He is a very courteous, industrious, and conscientious worker. He has trimmed evergreen trees and bushes in our back yard, sawed firewood, raked up & removed our leaves, mowed the lawn, removed snow from our driveway and sidewalk and hung a ten foot ladder in our garage. He has also cleaned our house and helped us with MS Word and Excel. We recommend him for any handyman job of which he has knowledge or experience.

Tom and Gerry of Lakewood, Colorado
Handy Andy is a terrific organizer, for clutterers like me. His natural, spontaneous, contagious, cheerful sense of humor helped me stop procrastinating and persevere through organizing what had repeatedly overwhelmed me, when I confronted it alone. He developed and organized better filing systems for my papers and documents, while I did preliminary sorting.

Sometimes clutter becomes so out-of-control, we are embarrassed for anyone else to even see it. Andy was never critical or condescending about clutter which had been an embarrassment for years. If you are a clutterer, HandyAndy can help you "grab the bull by the tail, and face the situation." Andy is also a recycler and will help you sort thru your recyclables, which are cluttering your life.

After returning from running errands, it was obvious Andy continued working for me while I was away.

Steve Sponaugle, western80401@yahoo.com
Andy Hopkins ("Handy Andy") has been helping me with indoor and outdoor tasks for about ten years. Andy is hard working, reliable, honest, and always ready to help. He helps to make remaining in my home feasible, and he is a good friend.

Andy was great to work with. I asked him to mulch my front and back yard gardens. He and a friend came out to my house to measure the garden, he told me how much mulch I would need to order and the company to order it from. I did some research on various companies around town that offer bulk mulch delivery and the place Andy recommended was the place I chose to use. The price was perfectly in line with other companies and the delivery charge was less. Andy and his friend showed up this past Saturday morning, on time, and got to work. They finished 6 cubic yards of mulch in 2.5 hours. The job was well done, which is all I can ask for. I will be calling upon Andy for my fall clean-up and another landscaping tasks.

Bonnie 6/6/2016

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